7 international road trips you can go on from India

International Road Trip

Embarking on an International road trip is an experience that goes beyond the destination itself—it’s about embracing the joys of the journey. While our travel plans are often driven by the allure of a particular place, the adventure of the road can be equally enticing. What if we told you that you could embark on local road trips from India and reach far-flung destinations like China and London?

Discover a range of international road trip that promise thrilling experiences and unforgettable memories:

10 best places to visit during your trip to MalaysiaMalaysia:

Experience the blend of skyscrapers and riverside homes that embody Malaysia’s vibrant cultural spirit. Indulge in the region’s delectable cuisine, making it a treat for your taste buds. The journey to Kuala Lumpur takes you through two countries—Myanmar and Thailand—while ensuring you have the necessary travel documents for a seamless passage.

The 7 best road trips in Thailand - Lonely PlanetThailand:

A recently opened motorway connecting India and Thailand offers a thrilling alternative to flying. Thailand’s stunning beaches, unique culture, and diverse options for travelers make it a popular destination. The route to Bangkok takes you through northeastern Indian states, crossing Myanmar and heading towards Thailand. Recommended stops include Delhi, Imphal, Moreh, Kale, Bagan, Inle Lake, Yangon, Maesot, and finally, Bangkok.

Motorbike Tour In Kathmandu, NepalNepal:

Experience the enchanting forests, spectacular peaks, and a rich cultural heritage in Nepal. While the journey offers incredible sights, you can also opt for a bus if you prefer to bypass border formalities. Travel through New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh in India, and then enter Nepal through the Sunauli Border, with the entire trip taking approximately 2 days.

Bhutan Mountain Road – Samdrup Jangkhar to Trashigang (28.01.20) – JONO VERNON-POWELLBhutan:

Explore Bhutan’s rich legacy, vibrant culture, and the happiness that permeates every corner of the nation. Despite its remoteness, reaching Bhutan is achievable. Drive through Uttar Pradesh and Assam in India, from Guwahati to the Bhutanese village of Phuntsholing, and continue to Thimpu. The journey takes about 3 days and promises a unique experience.

Sea Bridge & Tunnel in the Works: Road Trip to Sri Lanka? | LBBSri Lanka:

Drive to the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka, where you can immerse yourself in pristine beaches, dense forests, and a captivating culture. The proximity of various attractions allows you to explore a diverse range of experiences within a short timeframe. The route from New Delhi to Colombo traverses six Indian states—Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. From Tamil Nadu, you can take the Nagappattinam ferry to Colombo.

Stunning Scenery on Xinjiang's Highway 216 | Xinjiang: Far West ChinaChina:

While it may require significant time and effort, driving to China is technically possible, albeit with challenges. Acquiring an independent travel pass is a complex and time-consuming process. However, if you manage to obtain one, the journey from New Delhi to China can be made via Nepal, passing through the Kodari-Zhangmu border. This remarkable expedition would take approximately 40 hours.

Beautiful Highway Road Views of Bangladesh || Dhaka to Cumilla Jeep Drive Views - YouTubeBangladesh:

From certain regions of India, the border with Bangladesh is within sight. Bangladesh offers a rich history, magnificent waterways, and warm-hearted locals. To reach the capital city of Dhaka, travel from New Delhi through Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and cross the border at Sonamasjid Sulka checkpoint or Petrapole-Benapole border. The journey from the border to Dhaka takes around 8 hours.

These international road trip s offer the thrill of venturing beyond borders, immersing yourself in diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences. Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as you set off on these extraordinary journeys, where the joy lies not only in the destinations but also in the unforgettable international road trip.

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