Brad Pitt’s Heart of Gold

Brad Pitt, the renowned Hollywood actor and heartthrob, is known not just for his acting prowess but also for his philanthropic gestures. One such act of kindness that recently came to light was when he allowed an elderly neighbour to live rent-free in his Los Angeles mansion. The 59-year-old star, who had purchased his home in the Los Feliz area in 1994 for a reported $1.7 million, had a grand plan of building a large estate by snapping up neighbouring properties whenever they came up for sale. However, when he bought one house belonging to a widower named John, aged in his early 90s, Brad struck a deal to allow the man to stay in the house rent-free until his death aged 105.

Why Brad Pitt Let His 105-Year-Old Neighbor Live Rent-Free In His Mansion |  YourTango This heartwarming gesture by Brad has garnered widespread admiration and respect from his fans and the media alike.

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