iFX EXPO’s Legendary Parties

Join iFX EXPO Asia 2023, where influential executives from leading global companies come together to foster connections, expand businesses, and participate in enriching discussions.

Experience the power of in-person meetings as you establish immediate rapport with representatives across diverse industries such as Technology & Service Providers, Digital Assets & Blockchain, Retail & Institutional Brokers, Payments, Banks & Liquidity Providers, Affiliates & IBs, and Regulation & Compliance.Discover - IFX EXPO

Discover a comprehensive range of resources and insights essential for successful business development and operations, conveniently brought together in one venue.
This event caters to a diverse range of industries:

Technology & Service Providers:
Explore a wide array of solutions, including trading platforms, connectivity, CRM & VoIP systems, marketing tools, and accounting services.

Digital Assets & Blockchain:
Engage with the blockchain community, whether you’re involved in cryptocurrencies, security, or payment solutions utilizing blockchain technology.

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Retail & Institutional Brokers:
As a broker, leverage the iFX EXPO as your ultimate platform for comparing and sourcing service providers, fostering partnerships, and expanding into institutional offerings.

Payments, Banks & Liquidity Providers:
Discover the most suitable and customized financial solutions for your business, ranging from payment processing, gateways, and e-wallets to engaging with banks and liquidity providers.

Affiliates & IBs:
With traffic generation being a crucial aspect, the exhibition floor offers ample opportunities for affiliates and IBs to connect and drive their traffic effectively.

Regulation & Compliance:
Recognizing the indispensability of regulatory and compliance measures, this event provides an ideal environment for meeting regulatory authorities, audit firms, legal advisors, and compliance experts.

The objective is in striking a balance between work and play. At iFX EXPO, we understand the importance of letting loose and having a great time. Their renowned parties have become an integral part of their identity, and no iFX EXPO experience is complete without them! Get ready to be amazed as they transport you to exclusive destinations and the hottest nightlife spots. The parties have earned a reputation for being the talk of the industry, and they also offer valuable exposure to party sponsors, allowing them to bring their brands to life and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

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