Sudha Murty’s Downing Street Dilemma: When the PM’s Mother-in-Law Faced an Unbelievable Situation at Immigration


In a comical turn of events, Sudha Murty, renowned author and philanthropist, found herself in an amusing predicament when an immigration officer refused to believe her residential address in London was none other than the iconic “10 Downing Street.” Sudha Murty happens to be the mother-in-law of Rishi Sunak, the first Indian-origin Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the incident.

Recounting the incident on the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Sudha Murty shared that due to her “simple appearance,” many find it hard to believe her connection to the Prime Minister. She narrated the incident where an immigration officer asked her about her residential address during a visit to London. Faced with the dilemma of stating her actual address or playfully mentioning “10 Downing Street,” Sudha Murty chose the latter, assuming it would raise eyebrows. To her surprise, the officer responded with disbelief, thinking she was joking.

Asserting the truth, Sudha Murty said, “No, I am telling you the truth.” She went on to express how the fact that she, a humble 72-year-old lady, could be the mother-in-law of the Prime Minister was met with skepticism. The incident sheds light on the misconceptions people may have due to preconceived notions about appearances and societal roles.

In a previous Instagram post, Sudha Murty proudly acknowledged her daughter, Akshata Murty, for “making her husband a Prime Minister.” She celebrated the power of a wife’s support and influence in transforming her husband’s journey. Sudha Murty’s husband, Narayana Murthy, is a prominent businessman, while her daughter’s marriage to Rishi Sunak propelled him to the position of Prime Minister.

The incident serves as a lighthearted reminder that appearances can be deceiving and that extraordinary connections can exist even in the most unassuming individuals. Sudha Murty’s tale adds a touch of humor to her remarkable familial ties to the UK’s Prime Minister, challenging stereotypes and highlighting the intriguing dynamics of her family’s journey.

As the world continues to witness the unfolding chapters of Sudha Murty’s life, it is clear that her experiences and anecdotes carry a mix of inspiration, humor, and relatability, capturing the hearts of many.

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