The House Hunting Conundrum: Why Bengaluru’s Rental Market is a Challenging Maze to Navigate

Why is it So Hard to Find a House in Bengaluru?

Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, is well-known for its bustling IT sector, start-up culture, and pleasant weather. However, finding a house in the city can be a daunting task for many. Recent tweets and experiences shared by people reveal the bizarre reasons why house hunting in Bengaluru can be so difficult.

Lucky one to find roof over head', tenant in Bengaluru says as home rents  double in India's IT hub | Real Estate News, Times Now

A Twitter user claimed that he couldn’t get a rental home because his II PU marks were less than 90 per cent. This is just one example of how landlords in Bengaluru put extra pressure on tenants to divulge unnecessary information. The reason behind this, according to Amarendra Sahu, CEO of NestAway Technologies, is the landlords’ trust issues with tenants who come from different cities for employment, studies, and other purposes.

The demand for housing in Bengaluru has driven up prices for rental homes. The average monthly rent for a 2BHK house in Bengaluru is now Rs 40,000, and it can go up to Rs 60,000 depending on the area and amenities available in the flat. The city’s brokerage system can also make house hunting more difficult. Brokers are not always forthcoming about the properties they have available, and they frequently charge exorbitant fees, making it more challenging to find a suitable home.

Population growth, changing demographics, job growth, income levels, and housing affordability are all factors that can impact rental home demand. Furthermore, lifestyle choices such as flexibility, mobility, and access to amenities can influence the demand for rental homes.

The bizarre requests made by landlords are another issue that tenants face while searching for a house. Landlords looking for only married tenants from the region they are from, vegetarian tenants, and tenants with the same zodiac sign as them are some of the unusual requests that tenants have received.

Despite these challenges, homeowners emphasize the need for necessary verifications such as Aadhaar, phone numbers, and relatives’ numbers to avoid embarrassing experiences with tenants and potential legal issues.

In conclusion, finding a house in Bengaluru can be a challenging experience due to various factors such as high demand, limited supply, and trust issues between landlords and tenants.

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