When Saroj wanted to slap Kajol, Saif

Kajol Reveals Her Unconventional Take on Emotions and Hilarious On-Set Mishaps

Kajol, renowned for her spirited performances and unfiltered honesty, recently engaged in a candid interaction where she shared two emotions she finds challenging to relate to – ‘sexy’ and ‘sharam’ (shame). The talented actress confessed that she relies on her directors to effectively portray these emotions on screen. Offering a delightful anecdote, she recounted a memorable incident while filming the song “Hothon pe bas” for the movie Yeh Dillagi (1994), where the late choreographer Saroj Khan expressed her frustration with Kajol and Saif Ali Khan’s uncontrollable laughter.Lust Stories 2: When Kajol was about to get slapped, the Lust Stories actress revealed; When Kajol and Saif Ali Khan was about to get slapped by Saroj Khan the Lust Stories

Recalling the incident, Kajol humorously shared how Saroj Ji, a legendary figure in the world of choreography, struggled to keep a straight face during the filming of the song. “You had to see how much Saroj Ji wanted to slap us. Saif and I couldn’t stop laughing. She’d say, ‘You aren’t taking this seriously, you’re ill-mannered kids’,” Kajol revealed, highlighting their playful nature on set.Have you heard? Global première in Paris for Bawaal

Kajol’s candid admission about her limited connection with the emotions of ‘sexy’ and ‘sharam’ sheds light on her unique approach to acting. Known for her uninhibited performances and raw authenticity, she trusts her directors to guide her in effectively portraying these intricate emotions. This reliance on the director’s vision and guidance allows Kajol to explore her craft with depth and precision.

The hilarious incident shared by Kajol not only showcases her vibrant personality but also provides a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes camaraderie and joyful atmosphere during the filming of Yeh Dillagi. It is a testament to the chemistry between Kajol and Saif Ali Khan, which added an extra layer of entertainment and camaraderie to the iconic song sequence.

With her unparalleled talent and ability to connect with audiences, Kajol continues to captivate fans with her versatile performances. Her willingness to embrace her limitations and rely on the expertise of her directors showcases her dedication to the craft and her desire to deliver authentic portrayals.

As fans eagerly await Kajol’s upcoming projects, they can be assured of her signature fiery performances, unapologetic charm, and delightful anecdotes that add an extra layer of relatability to her on-screen presence.

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