Cyclone Mocha Leaves Trail of Destruction in Bangladesh and Myanmar, Claims Three Lives

cyclone mocha

Cyclone Mocha, a powerful storm that had intensified into the equivalent of a category-five hurricane, hit the coastlines of Bangladesh and Myanmar over the weekend, causing significant damage and claiming several lives.

In Myanmar, the storm reportedly caused three fatalities and left behind a trail of destruction. According to local officials, hundreds of homes were destroyed or severely damaged, and residents were left without electricity and other basic amenities.

Deadly Cyclone Mocha Slams Into Bangladesh, Myanmar - Nagaland Page

Meanwhile, in the Indian state of West Bengal, authorities have put National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams on high alert in anticipation of the cyclone’s impact on the coastal areas of the state.

The cyclone’s path is currently being closely monitored, and authorities are warning residents in the affected areas to take all necessary precautions to stay safe. The cyclone comes as a reminder of the devastating impact of natural disasters and the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

Cyclone Mocha, the second most intense cyclone to develop in the Bay of Bengal since 1982, made landfall on Sunday afternoon in Bangladesh and Myanmar’s Rakhine state near Sittwe township. The storm tore off roofs from buildings and caused extensive damage, resulting in the deaths of at least three people.

Myanmar was particularly hard hit by the cyclone, which transformed streets into rivers and uprooted trees. The port city of Sittwe was inundated, causing widespread chaos and destruction.

As the storm continues to rage on, authorities are urging residents to take all necessary precautions to stay safe and protect their homes and belongings. The cyclone serves as a reminder of the immense power of nature and the importance of being prepared for emergencies in the face of such disasters.

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